Revolutionary EP

by B-Shields

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My first major EP featuring friends from across the nation.


released May 29, 2012

Iron Wing Studios, B-Shields



all rights reserved


B-Shields Cincinnati, Ohio

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Track Name: Keep Flying feat. Phil Agepogu
Good Morning, Afternoon and Evening Ladies and Gents
All you cool cats and chicks, staying cool in this scorcher?
Or are you Scorching the cool?

Nick, Nack
Patty Wack
I am throwing you a chill bone
Non Chalant
Remain tranquil and unflappable
be even tempered, collected composed and cool
B-Shields telling you to not act a fool
we gotta remain placid and still upon the scene
chilaxxing with ya bad self
keep it serene
please sir,
would you mind excluding the exuberant behavior
from you demeanor at this juncture?
try to keep my circumference without a puncture
no reason to have a negative response ya hear
relax, take a breather
simmer down
smooth the groove, on the ground!
Easy does it,
cut it lose
and keep it on a leash my dude
we got to cut it out and save ourselves like a coupon
please don’t get me wrong
im not trying to ramble on
just vibe to the song
not in desultory thoughts
but completely calm.

Verse 2
Too many times we’re often flipping over little stuff
we get in each other’s faces
trying to act real tough
shoot, we all acting like our lives are Completely rough
But I say to the buff

Instead let’s be thankful for our surroundings
A dose of Love
And a Prescription is Compounding

Now we are mixing
the right ingredients
Picture perfect
we still find ourselves
Being deviant
That mentality
is not where we need to be
So, please
Don’t be expedient
In the end,
I still see us as being Homogeneous
I see us as being Genius

Verse 3
Now it’s time for our hearts to control the world
I’m a Bearer of a White Flag,
I’m gonna make sure it is unfurled
This transition is molding me from
a follower to a leader
Something Grew Together
and I’m considered a teacher
We all are
We all have a life story
I’m going to be Revolutionary
And give the glory
To the one, in the sky
The one that is most High
Even though, I still question why?
Why do my people try?
When all I see is cries?
Turn on the news
And I see my people die
How can I change for the good
and make a compromise?
See, I just keep my head up
and my spirits to the skies
Not knowing when and where
making the most of this life
But, I am still moving
and flying this kite
A smile on the face
All I can do is comply
Watching life go “by and by”
I’m not a Good Samaritan
I am a passerby
This is my War cry
And I’m no wise guy..
No lie
I am just going to continue living life
Whether I live or die tonight
I’m going to continue the fight
Whether I’m just landing or
taking off for flight
Track Name: Our Faith Feat. Jonny 5 (Flobots), Cybele & Nephew
Our Faith

Verse 1: Jonny 5

Each rhymes are
On these times
they breeze by
Like leaves fly
I get impatient
For the lonely sky
No reply
So we try
Elbows unfold to reach by
Fingers in the wind and catch
Glimpses of an incomplete lie
They compile the moments
into a collogue
We watch the movie show
We walk amongst the many whom we know
Boom we go BAP BAP
Echo in the roomy flow
Jonny 5 provide a raindrop
maybe Lincoln to the show
presidents are high and dry
chariots are swinging low
99 are looking eye to eye
standing row to row
I decided to side
knowing no one else is in control
light a light to shine
even though this Whole thing can blow
but I’m not alive (but I might have lied)
Someone else is in control
every high and by
is an experience
Mulch from which I devise
Pulps in which I ascribe
the pulse
of the tumultuous
at 9:05

Verse 2: B-Shields

This is it, something crazy to see,
that kids my age are drug down and beat
When we’re sitting and complaining
that our whole body’s draining
when those kids my age
want to live where we call free!
I say and I quote a free country spare
We have a black president and hear life is unfair
Discriminating thoughts even from Christians when they pray for the world we live in?
Subliminal minds
a Criminal Finds
that even Christians are not so kind
So I ask myself
is it so hard when I am one myself
living an ignored life like I am on a bookshelf
Stared at because of what I say is true
in reality we have to love to
Our Faith is what keeps us going
So don’t take a life for granted
We are not in their shoes.
Track Name: Meaning
Keys- Cm/Eb/ walk down
Guitar version – Bm/G/D/A

I’ll never forget the call I received
from my girlfriend
who could barely breathe
now she was questioning the guy
whom she believed
She lost her little brother up in the streets
was this the guy who was supposed to calm the sea?
Now am I supposed to dry the tears from her cheeks?
Did I mention he was 9 and I was 14?
Now pay close attention to the rest of my scenes.

There’s this guy named Timothy Wehr
this boy always showed that he had a care
but this was the only mask that he could spare
to make a quick buck,
because he was always scared
scared of feeding his family
I know this is scary
I am sorry about your loss,
I am here for you Gary
This kid played football with me and a guy named William
And William was just one in a million

Big Will lost his fight trying to fight the addiction
that had to ignite the night that brought the infliction
this brought the conviction
that led to restriction
which was the prediction
only full of depiction.

Cannot forget my homie named Jabari Battle
Couldn’t if I tried, because of his rattle
One of a kind laugh and a special smile
Every time I was with you, it was always worthwhile.

September 26th, 2004
I’ll never forget the knock that I had on the door
It was my Mom and Dad
to break the news,
Mo was gone and he was one of my main dudes
Fatally shot trying to break up a fight
wondering what would have happened
if he took a different path, that night
I was scared and still full of strife
and to this day
I have yet to be to his site
Mo was gone, Mo was gone from this world
All the people lost Mo, whom the world had adored
I am not just saying that like you hear everyday
for Maurice was full of passion
that no role could ever play
I love you Mo and I miss you everyday
Don’t take a life for granted,
this is all that I pray
How are we looking at their time spent?
This is my story on how I lost 5 friends to gun violence.
Track Name: Everybody feat. A-7 & Cybele
1st Verse: A-7
I’m nothin, I’m dirt, I’m broken, I’m hurt, I’m smokin’ the herb,
I’m chokin’ my words, PProvokin’ a verse,
Evokin’ the verse, you’re jokin’ I’m cursed, I’m soakin my shirt’s
Ripped curtain, I heard that I’m white… I’m a nerd

Can’t rap, and I’m perpin, I’m sure there’s a cure…
But I’m lurkin’ and for sure… it’s a blur,
In the world and I flirt with the world, but what about the Word?
And my thoughts, they whirled, they swirled, twirled, whirled…

The girls, diamonds, the pearls, I feel I’m gonna hurl
If I see another woman, short skirt girl, plural, true
But I wanna do what the Lord doesn’t want me to do.
I wanna be new, I know I can choose

To lose this life, to give it to You, my God, my Father
It’s hard, why bother? The work of the potter, no harry.
I’m teeterin’ the totter, getting scary.
Sin is the college, alma mater, I’m done with it,

I slaughtered the old me, now I got the living water
My sin came back, I shot her. I’ve been bought with the blood and the love of my Father,
and Jesus is Godder than you, he’s the way and the truth, and he proves that
He never lose, blues clues, Charlie Sheen Crew… We are everybody

Chorus: Cybele
"Everybody's trying to make it
Trying to break the chain
But they are left forsaken
Look at the kids on the street , they're just tryin to eat

Tryin to afford rent and probation ain't happenin on minimum wage
Everybody's so full of frustration, lookin at the kids on the street
But we are everybody, Mmm, we are everybody
You and me and the kids on the street"

Verse 2: B-Shields
Everybody trying to make it, trying to break it, but they are
left forsaken
looking at the kids in the streets,
knowing that they will be left for the taking
They are looking at time, trying to make a dime, we ask why, those kids reply
"Im just tryna do mines"
Cause I'm trying to be cool, trying to be fresh, trying to be lean, trying to be the best, looking at my choice of dress, wanting to be like the rest, and I say, God Bless.
I am trying to afford the rent, and probation
Full of frustration
Need a foundation
Change my location
or even give me a permanent, vacation
I'm sleeping on a bus bench
trying to get by hustlin
for my kids
selling drugs
to get them fresh kicks.
Now tell me what you think about that and the problems that exist, if you wanna do something
THEN RAISE YOUR FISTS (with peace signs)
We gotta rise together, make time with each other
share love with another and be friends with each other
Track Name: Cincin(n)ati feat. Friends
95 BPM

Verse 1:
When I say 5-1 you say 3!
The Queen City,
also known as Cincinnati
or even 7 Hills
We even have a catchy song
“I like Dem Price Hill Girlz”
Our Geography is
Hills, Bluffs and Low Ridges
Purple People, Suspension, Big Mac, Brent Sprence
And other bridges.
Our version of fun is very Silly
We are even considered the
“World’s Capitol of Chili”
With the Chocolate, Allspice, Cloves and Cinnamon
Empress, Gold Star, Dixie, Price Hill & Camp Washington
Hold up,
Lemme check the time
“Gather your friends and family, it is Skyline Time”
And if you want to make room for Dessert
Get to Cinsational, United Dairy, and Graeters
Need to shed off those pounds?
Train until the flying pig
and then fall Down


Verse 2:
Let’s TouchDown with the Bengals
Run Bases like the Reds
Hit up U.S. Bank to see Our Cyclones
Bust some heads
Let’s show Love with the Masters
See the Bearcats play their game
We can all agree on 1 thing
Pete Rose to the Hall of Fame
Let’s hit up Paul Brown
Great American
5th Third
And of course the Gardens
It’s Friday night
Where do we watch football?
The Pit’s the right call

Verse 3:
Now let’s Groove with Cincinnati Music
*Walk the Moon, Let’s get to it
We have Doris Day, Dinah Shore, Fats Waller,
Rosemary Clooney, Bootsy Collins Baller!
The Isley Brothers, Merle Travis,
Hank Ballard, Otis Williams, Mood,
Heartless Bastards
Midnight Star, The Afghan Whigs, Over the Rhine,
Blessid Union of Souls, And the Dopamines,
Freddie Meyer, ONE38
Popeye Maupin, can’t forget 98 Degrees,
The Greenhornes,
The Deele, Enduser,
Can’t forget B-Shields, the Microphone Abuser
Adrian Belew, The National, Foxy Shazam,
I love my homies Automagik and Majestic Man
Voodoo Loons, Why? (American band), and Hi-Tek, TraxxStarr , Clockwork, MAAAN
Let’s do WOKKabout
With the Pinstripes
And it will makes us feel ALLRIGHT
*Can’t forget my homies Cybele, Frankyl and the Pomegranates
*A-7, K-Drama, 40, Wonder and Till
*I love this planet
I love the scene and this list is nowhere near done
Everytime I look at it
It’s like a Never Setting Sun
I just Stand still
Reminisce in it’s beauty
Everyday I wake up
The Skyline
Influences me
I am so thankful for this city that surrounds me
I love Cincinnati