Break the silence

by B-Shields

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Spence Mills produced the beat behind the track. Recorded the song at Iron Wing Studios. I wrote this for my 7 friends taken too short from gun violence.


Verse 1:
It was a brisk, warm and sunny, summer day
Strap the laces on the chucks
And I was on my way
Walked out to the front porch
Took a deep breath
And I began my first of the day typical foot steps
Feet hit the sidewalk
On the blood stained the ground
That was in a silhouette of
Big foot the clown
Drawn by a 9 year old
Right after school
Who looked up to the fools
Who both strapped 22's
The 2 dudes defended their territory
2 cuzzes who were only
Fighting for the glory
For some Kingpin
Just to hear their stories
Working for a white collard man
Who started the quarry
But it didn't just start with the
White collard man
It started from the elite
With the manicured
invisible hand
Who was given a master plan
Trying to figure the game
But couldn't understand

Why do we start this violence?
Why do we gotta be silent?
That’s why I write to these beats,
it’s for those kids on these streets

Verse 2:
Lil Eric and Matthew were in a dispute
started at the corner store
while they were buying some juice
Little did they know
what it would lead to
a 9 year old gone
and a community bids adieu
it started over some East and West signs
planted by city council
to have property lines
so some neighborhoods would have a better reputation
and the other neighborhoods had to deal with the crime
Lil Eric and Matthew started going at it
push came to shove
they finally had it
Lil E was tired of all of Matthew’s bloods
While Matthew was telling E
that he needs to shut up
Interjection from family
couldn’t even stop it
yelling from both sides
couldn’t even pause it
the shiny 22 was pulled out of his pocket
aimed it at Matthew
and then he cocked it
The devastation on the faces of the people in the hood
quickly ran outside and it became atomic
One of the stray bullets struck the little boy
waiting for his Dad,
to help with his project

Why do we start this violence?
Why do we gotta be silent?
That’s why I write to these beats,
it’s for those kids on these streets

Now this is why I do this
so we can get through this
to face our oppressions
This is what the truth is
we have too much division
thanks to our system
whether it be political, moral
or another religion
I’m also for the people
like trademark is
I’m not going to ignore you
let’s all coexist
Time to be positive
and not crumble our fists
I wrote this for my 7 friends
who were just kids


released December 19, 2013
Spence Mills, Iron Wing Studios, Brandon Weaver, the two ladies who were in the studio at the time (sorry I forgot your names), B-Shields



all rights reserved


B-Shields Cincinnati, Ohio

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