The End feat. Leah Claibourne & Lavelle Thompson

by B-Shields

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Verse 1:
The time has come, we are reaching the very end
If I had the chance to go back, I would do the same thing put it on repeat again
We became close
Matter of fact we became best friends
But, I like to mention
Here we are facing what seemed so distant in our minds
We reached the end

Now I’m here
Jotting down these apparent thoughts that are in my head
Reminiscing back to the journey we’ve had, while laying on this death bed
How did I forget those memories
My world’s island now, I’m so lost
Inception took over my brain
Sheep went by and I’m counting the cost

Of the people gone
That were in substantial in my life
I don’t know what to do now
They’re all gone
Now I’m so full of strife
I’m so empty, gas on E
There’s nothing left in my soul
You are the only thing that can complete me
And make me feel whole

But, my eyes are closing, light’s are shining
And I can barely breathe
Veins struggling, Blood going
My heart’s slower, barely a beat
People crowding, talking
Saying their goodbyes
I don’t know what to say, what to do
Now I have dried eyes!

Chorus (Leah & Lavelle):
Welcome to the end of time,
My story’s coming to a close,
This is my final line,
Now it’s time to say goodbye .

Verse 2:
Back to the pad, More thoughts
I can’t stop this writing
Every time something comes to the mind, I have to get it down
It’s so inciting
My favorite dish brought into the room
They say I need to eat
But food for thought
You’re what fuels me
As put those thoughts upon this sheet

Now I feel the pain up in the veins
It’s slowly moving in
Now I’m praying to God
Asking for forgiveness
To get rid of my sins
It’s so hard
Why me
This cannot be the right time
I’ve done so much
For the world
That influence turned malign

But I hear voices
They are sweet
They are of all my friends
I can’t believe
They’re all here
To help complete the end
I’m so thankful
So proud
Of what they’ve all become
they influenced me
to start this journey
Now it’s almost done

They need closure
So do I
How can I make this right?
Few more thoughts
Few more lines
I don’t know what else I can write
but im stuck on the past
it didn’t go my way
There’s nothing I can do
But you keep telling me
My time will come
I keep listening to you

Chorus (Leah & Lavelle):
Welcome to the end of time,
My story’s coming to a close,
This is my final line,
Now it’s time to say goodbye.

Before you jump to conclusions
This is a metaphorical illusion
I am on my last line
I don’t want any more confusion
This is a brand new me
I will not be apart of the abyss
No more lying, deceiving
I will not be in remiss
I’m 86ing the old
Rebuilding the new
No more arrogance
So I bid to you adieu
All this reflecting and listening
Has caused me to be imbued
Love, compassion, respect
All have now been accrued
This is an amends
From now on befriend
I am changing my direction
I will no longer pretend
This is about the people
A message to transcend
My notebook and I have made it this far


released October 1, 2013
B-Shields, Iron Wing Studios, Abigail Oliver, Leah Claibourne, Lavelle Thompson & Brandon Weaver



all rights reserved


B-Shields Cincinnati, Ohio

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